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Achieving the Goal

We all know someone who has been talking about doing this or doing that for as long as you can remember.

These people thrive off the dopamine that’s released when you tell someone about your goals

(it mimics actually achieving the goal)

They will procrastinate by telling people they’re going to start next week

But they never do.

They will plan, plan and plan some more but never take action.

These are the people still stuck in their hometown 40 years later.

These are the people who talk the talk but never walk the walk.

Enough talking.

Move in silence.

Put in the work, let people wonder, and then let your results speak for themselves

(Haha yes, I know, it’s cliche. But that doesn’t take away the importance of the statement)

Instead of spending 6 months talking about a goal – spend 6 months working on the goal.

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