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Fitness Challenge by CEO of Zerodha Nikhil Kamath

Fitness Challenge by Nikhil Kamath

A new fitness challenge for staff members has been introduced, adding to a long list of staff health-related activities.

Nitin Kamath the CEO of one of the fastest growing online brokerage company Zerodha Challenges their Employees to lose weight and offers Rs 10. Lakh as a reward. Zerodha boss sets fitness challenge for employees; announces 1-month bonus, ₹10 lakh motivation kicker

Kamath said the fitness challenge would be optional. In this challenge, an individual needs to burn at least 350 active calories per day, in any form.

Calling Work from Home and sitting as the new “smoking”, he added, “We are doing whatever to nudge everyone on the teams & hopefully, they and their families to move daily”.

Its good move by the founder of Zerodha because nothing is more important than health. If the employee stays fit obviously it will impact on productivity and give a boost to a happy culture in a company. Companies should come forward and announce this kind of health-related challenges to their employees to encourage them about the fitness. 

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