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IIIT-D Campus Internship 2022 – More than 100 companies participated.

There were approximately 130 companies in IIIT-D, of which 108 provided salaries of 10-45 lakhs and Some companies provided salaries of 6-10 lakh.

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-D) completed its campus internship this year, offering the best annual package of 110,0000-470,0000 rupees per year.

The institute hosted about More then 100 companies, where competitive salaries ranging from 10 to 45 Lakh and 32 provided competitive salaries ranging from 6 to 10 lakh. Companies like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, American Express, , Amazon, etc. have joined the recruitment process and varied into the current batch. Of the students who provided the role.

This year, the overall batch campus placement rate in 2022 was 98.10%, with students receiving an average wage of 19.72 lakh rupees and a median of 16.50. lakh In addition, the highest compensation offered to an Indian-based brokerage firm is reported to be 470,000 rupees per year. For overseas internships, this year’s highest salary package was 1.84 cr, with the second highest being 54.83 lakh rupees.

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